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How to Develop an Exhibition Booth Concept. Raumplus 2014 Exhibition Booth Concept

Concept Raumplus 2014

A brand, in contrast to a traditional manufacturer, has its own mission. For example, the brand Harley-Davidson, sells more than just good motorcycles, it sells the freedom of movement, the possibility of motorcycle travelling. BMW sells the excitement and pleasure of driving. Apple sells innovative technologies that have changed the world.
In 2014, I propose to develop a theme for the Raumplus brand in its exhibition booth, as well as to illustrate the hallmarks of the brand when compared to other furniture manufacturers and interior systems. Professional furniture makers are well aware that the systems from this German manufacturer are quiet and move easily and smoothly. An image of a hot air balloon and its basket was chosen for visual representation, as this image most clearly demonstrates these qualities.

The use of visual images at the exhibition:
1. Facade decoration: a silhouette of the balloon with the Raumplus' logo on the sliding doors (a moving image will attract visitors' attention). There is a direct relationship between the smooth movement of the balloon and the smooth opening doors equipped with the Raumplus system.
2. Entourage: lower and middle rows of the shelves are comprised of wicker or material similar to baskets in order to emphasize the basic concept of the booth.
3. Paper airplanes with logos on their wings will be placed in open and closed sections of the shelves at eye level. These airplanes are associated with light weight systems from the German manufacturer.
4. In order to add colorful accents, I propose using printed photos of balloons that fit into the overall theme of the booth. Photo printing is used in shallow niches and on the facades of cabinets.

The booth design concept was created using visual images emphasizing the basic characteristics of the Raumplus brand. In 2014, the exposition shows that German engineers take care not only of the aesthetic qualities of their systems. The company's quiet, lightweight, and smooth moving systems provide customers with true efficiency and convenience.
Project Details

Client: Raumplus

Date: 1th September, 2014

Online: www.raumplus.ru

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