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Furniture Design for Open Space offis
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Own Galaxy is intended to Open Space offices. It has 5 specific features that outline the solution against other working places:

1. Spherical shape
2. Partition
3. Organizer
4. Supporting leg for system unit
5. Cup

1. Sphere is the key ergonomic element of the solution. It provides easy and functional use of the entire working space. Spherical visor protects monitor against glare and light, as well as concentrates attention on work and monitor. The sphere geometry permits to easily access any point of working environment – anything is at arm’s length.
2. The working place is complete with one or two light acryl or plastic partitions. Acryl adds translucency, making the surface flat. Partitions can be easily moved manually. Furniture with spring-type shock absorber provides smooth movements of the partition in case of any floor irregularities. In the Open Space, the partition spherical shape protects against the noise and other distracting factors. Its position is adjusted in accordance with the working station layout; also it can be based on the needs of each employee. This approach helps us layout and zone working places by sections and functions.
3. The tabletop working plane may have 1 or 2 mobile organizers complete with sections for document and office materials. An easy-to-use handle, the upper part of which has a niche for telephone or smartphone, can easily move organizer behind the monitor. Organizer conic rollers make it possible to move the organizer in an arc.
4. If you do not use laptop, one supporting leg of Own Galaxy may function as a niche and supporting leg for system unit. This saves working space as well as provides easy connection method. The leg base position makes it possible to turn the monitor to the person at the table, providing maximum comfort when using CD-drive, USB ports, ON/OFF button. Both the base and the other table leg are adjustable.
5. The tabletop is equipped with cup holder. This cylindrical holder protects the cup against overturns. It has a hole for cup handle. For convenience purpose, the holder is placed outside the table working plane. This protects the working plane against tea or coffee stains, saves time for tabletop care, and makes the tabletop space free of foreign items.
The Own Galaxy project is focused on designing Flex working places with the possibility to easily and quickly rearrange them by sections and partitions, to exclude stationary partitions and tying in, as well as ensure maximum concentration of office people and create comfortable, creative, effective and pleasant environment.
Project Details

Client: Nayada & Archchallenge

Date: 1th October, 2013

Online: www.nayada.ru

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