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Design of corporate identity for the network of branded stores
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Design of corporate identity for the network of branded stores

The interior of a brand store is created to generate positive emotions in the customer. After visiting the store for the first time, the customer should have the desire to return and to recommend the store to his or her relatives, friends, and acquaintances. This decision is influenced by the design of the premises and the interior. Every element of the brand section is chosen with care. The interior design expands the space of small premises visually and tells about the benefits, quality, and taste of a product. The frieze is an architectural detail which unites the interior. It is decorated with the "Milk from Our Cow" mascot, which is a cow leading a healthy and active lifestyle associated with the company's products. Clouds above the refrigerators represent an image of generated cool and the idea of the product line's lightness and airiness. The white color of the walls not only expands the space of the interior visually, it also embodies cleanliness and aseptic nature, which is important for the production, delivery, storage, and sale of food products. Cans and mugs call the visitor's attention to history, when milk and sour cream could be bought on tap.
A big spoon on the Consumer Information Board symbolizes consumption and also that the products have passed comprehensive tests and are ready for tasting. The consumer basket includes goods informing clients about special offers, and reminds them of products they could have forgotten to buy. The seller's stand has a silhouette of a milk-filled jar with a lid. The wicker fence is a part of a village where cows graze, producing an ecologically clean product.
The interior concept was implemented using the example of the store in the city of Klin. All elements of the presented concept can be adapted for premises with different areas and layouts. The design of a brand store is an important advantage over competitors, since it promotes the growth of a network of brand and dealer stores in the central district and regions. Opening new sales premises influences the growth of the brand's popularity.
Project Details

Client: Group companies "Triumph"

Date: 10th of September, 2016

Online: www.triumph.msk.ru

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