Furniture made of carbon fiber
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Conceptual design of the Jeanne-Antoinette chair is based on composite materials technology

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Conceptual design of the Jeanne-Antoinette chair is based on composite materials technology. Due to their flexibility, the composite materials are an optimum solution for manufacture of a comfortable chair for sitting and resting. Carbon fabric forms smooth and ergonomic shape of the seat and seatback. Legs and elbows form a niche for storing magazines and books. Small wall thickness adds gracefulness and guarantees rigidity which can’t be obtained with other materials.
Reliability and load withstandability are two key factors for sitting furniture. These two requirements are ensured by carbon fiber (parallel carbon microcrystals). The material heat resistance and durability make it possible to use the chairs for intensive environment. Carbon fiber is a low specific gravity material, so the chair is light, easily transportable and serviceable in shopping centers, open-air cafes, hotel halls and rooms. The Jeanne-Antoinette chair is recommended not only for social and public interiors (shopping centers, open-air cafes, terraces, hotels, waiting halls, conference halls, lounge areas), but also for housing interiors (entrance halls, living rooms, study rooms). The chair perfectly fits classical and modern interiors.
Mass production of the chair from composite materials provides moderate price and large applicability range.
Project Details

Client: Composite Holding Company

Date: 20th May, 2013

Online: www.hccomposite.com

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